Posted by: tranquillullaby | June 16, 2010



Gosh it’s been awhile, annnooooooooooooooo….. well. Uh. I said I’d come back, right?

I tried.. honestly I DIIIIIIIIIIIID!!!! ;A; I really did, but I really can’t believe how much time I don’t have lately.. ugh… life is all over the place, really. However I am moving in with Ichi this fall, finally… umm… I also published my first manga (more info on my deviantart, and I am starting a new college program.. yes I’m quite busy. OTL

Sooo, how do I say this… well, I’ll say the same thing I’ve always said. I’d love to come back! TTATT And I’m terribly sorry for promising I would, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to, yknow? ;A; buuu.

Hopefully, when I move in, maybe, I will have a good schedule. (Or maybe it’ll just be total chaos…. either or…) Maybe I could continue it. I’d always love to, that’s for sure! I’ve certainly thought about it, but if I were to continue, I couldn’t have it too fancy. xD And not on WordPress. WordPress doesn’t like my fanciness.. >3>

So anyway guys…. ciao for now..

Sorry.. sorry OTL

I will be back…



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I miss everyone so um. I’m going to start up this blog again.

I don’t know when, but it’ll be… before… the end of the year? (Pff, that’s a long time, isn’t it..) Anyway. It’ll be the same way it used to be before/ Blog/songs/requesting/etc. Because I miss writing… not sure if it’ll be every week, but, I’m going to open it again. I swear on it!!

See you for now.

Posted by: tranquillullaby | April 20, 2009


Hi, one million years later. -w-

Well, I’m sorry to finally say, that for now, Tranquil Lullaby will be going on a prolonged hiatus (er… as if it already wasn’t?). I would absolutely love to keep doing what I used to do every week, but I have no time on my hands since after going to college and starting this new life.

The only promise I can give you for new fresh music (I still collect it, believe me…) is…

1. Add me on msn. I don’t care who you are, or how many songs you want, I’ll send them to you over msn. =w= Because it’s very easier; much easier than uploading every song one by one. So, if you don’t mind doing that, that’s fine. We don’t even have to be friends. If you want to leech much off me, I’d be more than willing. :3 My msn is myuudude[at]hotmail[dot]com if anyone wants to add me and leech music off me! 😀


2. I have started a new blog, Melon Blog. It’s not a music blog, just a blog-blog, but I will post music occaisionally (right now there’s LIA’s new trance album, and some anime trance albums up there), or maybe it will become a full time thing. I know that once and awhile I would definitely love to put up an album and review it. :3 So please feel free to check back there.

My new portfolio site for all my work and personal things will be (not fully finished yet) , and no longer

I also update my Deviantart and Youtube regularly.

And ALSO! if you’re attending Anime North 2009 in Toronto, Canada, please feel free to visit me! I got an artist alley table so I am very excited. :3

So… I guess that’s that. I love all you guys who would read my entries and comment, and request, and just enjoy the music… it’s always, and forever, all about the music. :3

I will for sure be seeing you around. ❤